Uncertain Objects


The sculptures and assemblages that make up the Uncertain Objects series are often formed from the scrap and debris of the studio, remnants that have accumulated their own histories from chance interactions with other materials and substances. Oil-clogged brushes, peeled paint, off-cut wood or plastic; fragments of attempts and failures that, on closer inspection, have unique and complex patinas.

Although these objects may contain traces of autobiography from the artist, or references to wider contexts, they resist decoding. They remain open enough for interpretation and multiple narratives, reflecting the complex and ever changing relationships we form with the world around us.

Used and re-used in a process of discovery and re-invention, these fragments are often formed into shapes that echo symbols or signs used throughout history, the language of social props. The Uncertain Objects, however, have no definite function. They are the end results of play with the past and present, a constant cycle and a celebration of incompleteness.